Maltese Club of Victoria, Inc.


Maltese Dog Show DVD’s – FOR SALE

COST $5.00 PER DVD            ALL SHOWS BOX SET $95.00               TICK SELECTION þ 


Club Shows

Royal Melbourne Shows

    1986  Judge: Mr F Yeoh (UK)

    1987  Judge: Mrs R D’Agostin

    1988  Judge: Mr Graeme Missen

    1989  Judge: Mrs R Bridgeford

    1990  Judge: Mr Tom Tancred (NSW)

    1991  Judge: Mrs Sandra Mashford

    1992  Judge: Mrs R Hubrich (NZ)

    1993  Judge: Mr W Stevenson (NSW)

    1994  Judge: Mr M B Camac (SA)

    1995  Judge: Mr John Thompson (VIC)

    1996  Judge: Mr John Lusk (CANADA)

    1997  Judge: Ms Patricia Nicholson (NZ)

    2007  Judge: Mr D Eadie (CANADA)

    1986  Judge: Mr Edd Bivin (USA)


    1987  Judge: Mrs M Young (USA)

    1988  Judge: Mrs E Young (USA)

    1989  Judge: Mrs Welsh (USA)

    1990  Judge: Mr Saldana (MEXICO)

    1991  Judge: Mr K Jarvinen (FINLAND)

    1992  Judge: Mr Merrill Cohen (USA)

    1993  Judge: Mr M Quinney (UK)

    1994  Judge: Dr C Mendoza (MEXICO)

    1995  Judge: Ms Wendy Slatyer (NSW)

    1996  Judge: Mrs Claire Ahern (IRE) 


              Postage & Handling will be

              additional and at cost.  The

              Secretary will confirm the cost

              when you place your order.


Tick the boxes for your selection and post the form, with your cheque, to the Secretary.

SECRETARY:      Sally C Austin                        
                        PO Box 6116                          
                        West Footscray Vic 3012        
                        EMAIL: [email protected]